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Wigan, home of the North West Tourist Board, is a global centre for pie making – not only do 30% of Pie Eaters (locals) work in the industry, but the town’s hosted The World Pie Eating Championship since 1992. This place loves baked goods as much as Rugby League.

And it’s also home to Heinz food processing plant, the largest in Europe, which also employs many of Wigan’s 81,000 residents.

During the Industrial Revolution, however, Wigan was a prominent coal mining town with over 1,000 pit shafts dug within 5-miles of the town centre, before specialising in porcelain production and clock-making.

This industrious spirit is still very much thriving. You’re not short on talented local tradesmen here, or creativity in general – this is George Formby’s hometown after all.

From plasterers in Poolstock and mini bus hire in Marylebone, to kitchen installation in Kitt Green, find the local tradesmen you need in our Wigan directory.