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Swindon, home of the famous Spaghetti Junction and the UK’s first lending library, is the tenth biggest town in the country – sat between Bristol and Reading in Wiltshire. It even got a mention in the Domesday Book, nearly 1,000 years ago.

During the Industrial Revolution, Swindon became a centre of barter trade, transporting goods and wealth along its many canals. Then the Swindon railway works came, built by the Great Western Railway in 1841, and everything changed.

The Spitfire was even built and tested on a nearby runway, which is now a Honda track, and Swindon’s manufacturing, advanced engineering and computer industry is thriving, with brands from BMW to Intel employing talented locals here.

You won’t have to look far to find expert engineers and other skilled local tradesmen.

From skip hire in South Leaze and kitchen installers in Kembrey Park to carpenters in Covingham. Find all the local tradesmen you need in our Swindon directory.