How Secure is Your Garden? 6 Ways to Keep Burglars at Bay

Garden security is easy to overlook, but it’s more important than you may realise. Consider the items in your garden shed, for example. Bikes, lawn mowers, and other expensive pieces of equipment, all of which soon adds up.

Therefore, it makes sense that you take the necessary steps to protect your belongings from thieves. Here are some suggestions…

Make Sure Ladders Are Locked Away

Avoid leaving ladders out in your garden – you could unintentionally be assisting any would-be thieves.

Burglars regularly access homes via windows which have been left open. Leaving ladders around can make accessing upstairs windows a breeze. To help reduce the risk, make sure any ladders are out of sight and locked away.


Install A Gravel Driveway or Path

Making your home an unappealing target for thieves is a clever way to help reduce the risk of burglary. Having a gravel driveway is a good example of this. Walking over gravel can cause a lot of noise and potentially draw attention to the thief.

You can find a local driveway installation company with Tradesmenin.

Install Outside Security Lighting

Outside lighting is another way to make your home unappealing to thieves. If an intruder tries to break into your home or garden shed at night without any light, they could easily go unnoticed.

A PIR security light can be installed which turns on if movement in your garden is detected. This makes anyone in your garden much easier to spot and makes breaking into your home or shed very risky for the thief!

Find an electrician in your area to install a security light with Tradesmenin and help protect your home.

Install A Shed Alarm

Many people choose to protect their homes and valuables using an alarm. Protect your shed in the same way with a battery operated shed alarm.

Shed alarms are relatively inexpensive and could potentially save you thousands, should the worse happen.

If an intruder does break into your shed, the loud noise from an alarm will alert you and your neighbours.

Install CCTV To Keep an Eye on Things

CCTV allows you to keep an eye on your home and help deter thieves. Some modern Internet connected CCTV systems even enable you to view your cameras away from home using a mobile phone.

Unfortunately, even after taking steps to improve home security burglaries can still happen.

Fortunately, CCTV footage of a break in vastly increases the chance of the police catching the intruder.

With Tradesmenin you can find a local CCTV company who can help advise on and install a CCTV system at your home.

CCTV Camera

Use A Good Quality Padlock

Don’t compromise on home security by using a low-quality lock on your garden shed.

Invest in a high-quality hasp and staple and a padlock – it’s worth spending extra money to protect your valuables. Don’t run the risk of making easy work for an intruder.

Of course, the shed door isn’t the only entry route to a shed as many have windows. By installing a window grille, you can help stop intruders entering the shed this way.

Garden shed lock

Hopefully now you can start taking steps to keep your garden secure. There are many more security methods available that are easy to implement and inexpensive, but they do make a significant difference.

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