8 Undeniably Creative Things to Do with a Humble Wooden Pallet

Save yourself a trip to the skip, there’s life in the old wooden pallet yet…

Will yours become a summer-ready swing, food producing flower bed or something mighty useful that you’ll be proud to have in your home or garden? Time to make your mind up, because here are the most creative pallet upcycling ideas.

Reclaimed-wood furniture is one of 2017’s hottest home trends. Interior designers are swooning over its rustic charm and unpolished simplicity. So get bang up-to-date with no effort or skill, by trying these ideas yourself or getting a local carpenter or joiner to do the hard work for you.

1. Lounge on a pallet swing

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Make the most of the summer, by getting the most out of your wooden pallet and garden. Hang it under a sturdy tree, pile it high with bright patterned pillows or snuggly blankets and relax – with a good book, cold drink or friends. Sand it down for a clean and beachy look, paint it a bold colour to brighten up your garden or waterproof it with a coat of sealant.

2. Grow food or flowers in a pallet garden

Lean the wooden pallet against your wall or fence to squeeze a lush vertical garden of seasonal flowers, herbs or veggies into the narrowest of gardens or balconies. You could even hang your hanging baskets off the wooden slats. Alternatively, lay your pallets horizontally and stack them high to create a layered vegetable patch – think home grown strawberries or peppers, cucumbers or tomatoes.

3. Rest your bike in a pallet rack

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Keep your garage, garden or shed tidy by organising the family’s bikes and scooters in recycled wooden pallets. Minimise the risk of a puncture by sanding the edges and why not let the kids paint their names on it for that personal touch?

4. Upgrade your bedroom or bathroom ceiling

Forget wooden floorboards. Wooden ceilings made of reclaimed pallets make excellent features, in attics or older properties especially – creating a beachy or cottage vibe, exuding warmth and cosiness.

5. Help your little ones learn

Teach the kids about anything from numbers to colours and shapes, by transforming your wooden pallet into a brightly decorated accessory for your little one’s bedroom, nursery or playroom. Cut holes, big enough to throw a soft bean bag through and challenge your family to a game.

6. Store your wine or spices on a wooden pallet rack

One for you grown-ups now. Wooden pallets make excellent wine racks or spice racks – if you’re after a t-total alternative.

7. Display your nick knacks beautifully

Fans of distressed vintage furniture don’t have to fork out a fortune at antique dealers or vintage shops. So long as you have a wooden pallet, you can display everything from your treasured trinkets and books to your pots and pans.

8. Treat yourself to new furniture

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Never wrestle with flat pack again or scruff your walls trying to pivot furniture around your home. Building coffee tables or sofas from upcycled wooden pallets is ideal for renters and students or anyone creating a charming home – it looks expensive, but is cheap as chips. If you don’t need anything inside, create a picnic table or garden furniture set, weatherproofed with sealant.

Top tips:

  • Wear a mask when sawing wooden pallets – some are treated with chemicals
  • Pick pallets that carried lightweight or dry goods – less physical damage or contamination
  • Put the kettle on – have a local carpenter or a joiner transform your wooden pallet professionally and quickly
  • If you’re growing food – check that it is heat treated and safe to use, not chemically treated and unsafe – if unsure, ask your local gardener, carpenter or joiner

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