5 Handy Gardening Products

It’s time to (hopefully) leave the wind and rain behind and get outside, enjoy the weather and get gardening. We’ve picked out some handy gardening products which can be purchased from a local DIY store or garden centre to make those gardening tasks that bit easier!

Kneeling Pad

When kneeling to carry out gardening tasks such as weeding it’s important to make sure you keep your knees safe. Not only can kneeling on the ground get you covered in mud and stains but it can also cause injury to your knees.

A gardeners kneeling pad helps to cushion your knees and reduce the risk of injury. They are affordable and can be picked up for under £5 from many high-street stores so are well worth investing in!

Litter Picker

It’s not just strain on your knees which can cause injury – leaning down to pick up litter or leaves from your garden could cause injury to your back. To reduce the risk, for less than £10, consider getting yourself a litter picker.

Perfect for picking up empty crisp packets or the odd leaf, litter pickers are useful, affordable tools which allow you to reach items on the ground more easily.


Fed up of trailing in and out of the house to fill up your watering can? A hosepipe connected to an outdoor tap makes watering the plants a breeze! Installing an outside tap will make other tasks such as washing the car easier too. Not confident about adding one yourself?

Call in the professionals and get in touch with a local plumber in your area who will be able to add an outside tap easily.



A good pair of gloves is an essential for any gardener.

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that you can keep your hands clean and stop dirt getting under your nails. Hand cleanliness aside, a high quality, strong pair of gloves for use when gardening can help keep you safe – avoid cutting your fingers on sharp tool edges, thorns or twigs and avoid blisters caused by using gardening tools.

Gardening gloves


Make clearing up after a day of grass cutting and weed pulling effortless.

An essential gardening tool for any gardener, wheelbarrows are ideal for collecting up and moving garden waste such as leaves and cut grass. If you’re looking for a smaller solution than a plastic flexible tub with handles may be what you need. Alternatively, if your storage space is limited then a pop-up garden waste bag with handles which can be easily stored away when not in use is an excellent option, making clearing up after gardening a quick task!


These handy gardening products can help make your gardening tasks this spring and summer that bit easier. If you’re planning any larger gardening projects or simply need a helping hand, find a local gardening and landscaping company in your area for assistance.

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