Handy Storage Solutions for Your Home

Are you sick of seeing clothes piled up next to the wardrobe? Fed of up piles of shoes? With the help of our handy tips below you can ensure that you’re making the most of the available space in your home.

There are affordable storage solutions out there to suite all tastes and budgets to utilise otherwise wasted space in your home!

Under the Stairs Cupboards

The space under your stairs can serve as a great storage area. If you don’t already have an under the stairs cupboard, then why not contact a local carpenter / joiner to see if they can help? They will be able to advice on which options are available, whether that be building a cupboard or installing some useful shelving.

Plastic Containers

Okay, they might not be the most glamorous of storage solutions but plastic tub containers are a useful and affordable storage solution. For less than £10 you can buy a set of plastic containers which are great for storing things such as DVD’s, books and clothing. They are available in several shapes, sizes and colours. Also, if you have free space underneath your bed then it’s a handy space for storing the containers and keeping your floor clutter free!

Beds with Drawers

When you’re next considering buying a new bed, consider the storage potential! Some beds will come with drawers underneath. The under bed drawers can be really handy for storing the over flow from your wardrobe and make use of space which might otherwise be wasted!

Under bed storage

Get Yourself a Wooden Chest!

Wooden chests are a great stylish storage solution – they are spacious and can look great as a feature in the home. Whether you’re going to be storing clothing, toys or bed sheets, there are some great options available ranging from modern and stylish to more rustic traditional looking chests. Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit a variety of décor styles. If you can’t find one you like or want a bespoke storage chest a local carpenter will be able to help.

Wooden Chest

Vacuum Bags

They’re not a storage solution for everyday use but vacuum bags can be useful when storing clothes away for a while (perhaps your summer clothing!). They are cheap, costing around £10 and really easy to use. Simply follow the instructions, folding and placing items of clothing inside the bags and use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air from the bag causing the bag to shrink. The compacted clothing can then be stored away without taking up too much room.

Utilise Loft Space

This is one of the more expensive options available but it’s definitely worth checking out. Loft space can be a great location for storing away items you don’t use on a regular basis such as Christmas decorations. If you already have a waterproof and boarded out loft space which can handle the weight of items, then great – you’re ready to go! If not, then a local tradesperson may be able to help discuss your options and convert your loft space into a fantastic spacious storage solution.

Take a look around your home and get creative, think about which options might work for you, whether its plastic containers and vacuum bags or shelving constructed by a local joiner.

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